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E-Vapor USA is an electronic cigarettes store in USA providing quality and the best electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette starter kit and e liquid with good price to customers Worldwide.   ... be and njoy electronic cigarette world today!

An electronic cigarette or e cigarette (e-cigarette) is "The Smokers Smart Choice" to simulate and substitute for tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarettes utilizes a heating element (Coil) that vaporizes a liquid also called e liquid (e-liquids) solution releasing a flavored vapor. The electronic cigarette together with the e liquid is used by those who wish to continue smoking without inhaling snuff harmful substances such as  smokers who want to quit.
According to different reviews, the electronic cigarettes are a great support for smoking cessation. There are different electronic cigarette brands and e liquids, but we always recommend e-Vapor USA as best electronic cigarette not only because it is our electronic cigarette brand, is due to the high quality of our e-cigarettes. Our electronic cigarette starter kit includes an e-cigarette and USB charger.

Are electronic cigarettes safe ?

All ingredients used in the liquid that the electronic cigarettes vaporizes are considered safe except nicotine.

electronic cigarette reviews "no study has shown that nicotine causes cancer" and nicotine is very similar in its effects on the body by caffeine

NO Tar  -  NO Ammonia  NO Carbon Monoxide